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I help accomplished leaders create transition plans so they can start their next chapter

Make It Inevitable

If you're a leader, innovator, professional, or entrepreneur ready to move on to new opportunities, a number of factors may be holding you back from transitioning from your current role and taking your next step. You may feel:

✓ Undecided about whether the time is right
✓ Uncertain about what your next step may be
✓ Worried about the risks of a change
✓ A sense of loyalty to your people and the business you’ve built
✓ Frustration with day-to-day operations holding you back
✓ Concern with fulfilling the needs and expectations of others

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I can help.
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Imagine stepping out your door, confident in the legacy you’ve created, and ready to begin your next great opportunity. No hesitancies, regrets, or lingering obligations.

This does not have to be some distant pipe dream. Working together, I can help you to:

✓ Cut through the fears and doubts that slow you down
✓ Create a rewarding transition plan that protects what you’ve built
✓ Secure the trust and support of those you value most
✓ Ensure your ongoing legacy and contribution
✓ Launch your next great opportunity with complete confidence

With clarity of purpose and the support you need, you'll create and carry out the transition plan that will set you free to step into your exciting next chapter.

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Want this? Let’s talk.

My clients are highly accomplished people.

Tech innovators, lawyers, educators, doctors, fashion leaders, architects, media producers, social entrepreneurs, artists, financial advisors, and designers - for starters…

These people have built thriving businesses and practices.
Achieved more than they ever thought possible. BUT, they’re…
Tired of the long hours
Tired of the
long hours
Worn down by
the demands
Feeling a bit restless and trapped
Feeling a bit restless
and trapped
onging for more freedom
Longing for
more freedom
This is where decades of coaching experience come in...


Testimonials from My Clients

I highly recommend Robert as a Life Coach. He provided value in his ability to assess situations quickly and offer tools to achieve greater balance in my life. He made it clear for me to choose a course of action to gain positive change in my daily life. Robert is reliable, friendly, professional and a great listener. Working with Robert was a wonderful experience.

Noémie Dupuy
Co-Founder & Member Board of Directors, Budge Studios
Robert is an absolute delight and wonderful coach to work with, he is extremely professional and insightful. He helped me overcome many hurdles and see things in a new light. He is very positive, patient and resourceful. He brought plenty of humor into our sessions, I am forever indebted by his kindness. Please do not hesitate to engage him as your coach. I highly recommend him.

Sophiya Varghese
Senior Manager, Data & Analytics,
During a big transition time in my life, I started working with Robert to gain clarity and perspective to help me make some important decisions. He was instrumental in helping me structure my thoughts and ideas, refine my identity and move forward on my journey with certainty. Robert has an incredible ability to get to the source of a situation or dilemma, and has a knack for helping people exploit their own creativity and approach to solutions!

Justin Svatina
Co-Founder & Creative Director, DOMREBEL
After a difficult period with my business and personal life, Robert was extremely helpful in guiding me to find joy in my work and peace with myself. He opened my eyes about a lot of ways to lead and to trust. When I think back on how I felt when I first walked in compared to one year later, I am impressed at how much change a person can go through when they are being guided by the right person.

Patricia Godley
Sustainable Living Activist & Founder - La Fondation Godley
Robert is a great life coach. I contacted him when I wanted to transition professionally. He was present to walk me through my options, provide guidance, and support my decisions. He is a very good listener and actively engages to give you just that other perspective or option, share real-life examples, and make you feel your dreams can come true. I came out of each session optimistic and energized - I felt grounded but reached for the stars.

Cecilia Thompson
Senior Human Rights Consultant

Case Studies

Still from SPRING & ARNAUD
Completing Commitments
An award-winning photographer and filmmaker shares her story
Relationships with Vision
Relationships with Vision
A garden designer gets his business,  relationships, and himself back on track
New Beginnings
New Beginnings
A self-described perfectionist clarifies her needs and way forward

What Does Transition Planning Involve?

Want to Talk?

Coaching Consultation

Find out what transition coaching can do for you. Where are you today? Where do you want to be? What’s your next step? Coaching offers practical, results-oriented ways to create the change you want. To ensure that coaching fits your needs and expectations, we'll:

✓ Clarify your goals
✓ Set your priorities roadmap
✓ Identify how to get started

A coaching consultation is a great way to:
✓ gain a comprehensive overview of what lies ahead
✓ assess how my approach fits your need
✓ get the answers and feedback you need
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Additional Resources

Love Your Negative Self-Talk

love your


Available in Kindle, paperback, and Audible audiobook editions
★★★★★ A wise, warm and practical book
★★★★★ Compassionate, Funny, Practical, Comprehensive Approach
★★★★★ A useful, hands-on approach written in a personable style
★★★★★ This book allows the reader to reframe and shift perspectives
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LOVE YOUR NEGATIVE SELF-TALK introduces exciting new practices to eliminate negative self-talk and create the kind of life you want. Drawing on over a decade of 1-on-1 coaching work, author Robert McFadden outlines effective strategies for transforming your relationship with yourself through small shifts in thoughts, habits, and actions.

Along the way, you’ll discover solutions to limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that may be holding you back from making the choices and changes you want. How can you stop turning in self-defeating circles and start building clarity, commitment, and consistency in your day-to-day experience? How can you step back from a life of self-doubt and sabotage to one of open curiosity, compassion, and confidence?

The message in this book is simple. You do not have to live bound by limiting perspectives and beliefs. There is a much less costly and far more rewarding approach available. It all begins with your response to negative self-talk. You too can turn your most vicious critic into your most valued collaborator.

Here’s how.  

The Challenges of Negative Self-Talk

“Every week, I have conversations with people who struggle with the toughest opponent they’ve ever faced. The most obstinate, offensive, and obnoxious adversary they know. Their inner critic.
Most of these people are quick to recognize their competencies and achievements. Many lead stimulating and rewarding lives. Most enjoy warm personal relationships, exciting professional challenges, and excellent health. Still, they all too often wind up slammed against the wall. Confronted by some of the most mean-spirited, contemptuous, and debilitating thoughts imaginable. Negative self-talk.”

– Robert McFadden


For decades, I’ve helped accomplished leaders create the change they want in what they do, how they do it, and who they do it with. Together, we've resolved situations, behaviors, and relationships that no longer serve vital needs, provide satisfaction, or fulfill a meaningful sense of purpose. I can do the same for you.

My coaching approach sums up in one sentence: Your ability to create the change you want ​isn't a measure of what you are; it's a consequence of what you do.

If you're ready to make a big change in your life, I look forward to speaking with you to discover how my experience can be of service to you.

Want this? Let’s talk.
I come to coaching with a background in innovative leadership at Microsoft, Avid Technology, and the National Gallery of Canada. In 2011, I completed certification as a Professional and Personal Coach at the Center for Human Relations & Community Studies of Concordia University in Montreal.
Robert McFadden